Historic roofing slates

Since 1942 the British Standard for testing roofing slate has-been BS680. This particular will shortly stay replaced with two new standards which will apply throughout Europe. BSEN 12326-one slates requirements, consequently, there tend to be different amounts of conformity per test towards bring account for the another durabilities of different slate and their local market expectations. Simply because of the long history of use of the own slates, some countries are happy with slate that do not last as long as would stay anticipated within the UK. This means that contractual requirements for roofing slates will have to be more sophisticated than in the past. That it is not sufficient towards specify ‘slate that conform to relevant British Standard’ or even ‘slates which conform towards BSEN12326-1’. These blanket specifications would allow slates to be provided at the cheapest conformity degree within the standard and this particular might mean a life of forty years or less.